Tristan’s mission is to help everyone to see different sides of fashion and to take risk.
Tristan is a Tampa Bay based fashion stylist, style expert and owner of Tristan Richards Styles, a fashion consulting company providing styling services to personal clients and media. Tristan loves helping clients find their personal style, Signature style and identify the perfect style for each client. Tristan believes that not only models can look good in clothes.*Services can be provided outside of the Tampa Bay area. Please contact me with information*

Personal Style Consultation

Your first step towards a new style and a new you. Meet your personal stylist one-on-one in the comfy Tristan Richards Styles office. Allow us to introduce ourselves and answer all of your questions. Together, we will identify your wants, needs and style goals, and we can recommend the best (and most affordable) plan of action for you. During this hour session our goal is to find out what our potential client is looking for.

Travel Planning and Packing

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure let the expert outfit builders at Tristan Richards Styles combine the most versatile pieces of your wardrobe to create perfect looks for every day of your trip. Don’t take too much; don’t get stuck with nothing to wear. Your stylist can document your outfits in photos before you pack, so you can leave town feeling confident, savvy and relaxed.

Personal Shopper

Let Tristan Richards Styles create a liaison between you and your closet. We will make the connection between you and your wardrobe easier by identifying trends, gauging fit and creating overall looks that works best for every individual. Our goal is to give each client the proper tools to dress themselves and to help buy gifts for others. (Birthday, anniversary, holidays, etc.

Wardrobe Purging

Do you find yourself standing in your closet telling yourself “I have nothing to wear” or “I’m not going out because I can’t find anything to wear”? Well it’s time to reorganize your closet. A closet purge is needed to help remove clothing that are no longer functional. This can be an emotional process but new beginnings are always great. We will work to get your wardrobe organized and make finding clothes easier.

Styling Workshop

Tristan Richards Styles teaches styling workshops for individuals, schools etc

Special Occasion Styling

Styling and shopping services for special events including (but not limited to): fashion shows, photo shoots, vacations, presentations, parties, interviews, television appearances. The sky’s the limit. We love a challenge.
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