It’s about more than fashion; it’s about the style of you! The human body in all its glory is a blank canvas ready to be painted with the amazing colors, textiles, patterns and prints that suit them best, but who can handle such an artistic task? Enter Tristan Richards, owner and Chief Executive Officer for Tristan Richards Styles.
Tristan Richards is a self-taught wardrobe and fashion stylist whose talent and flair for how to style someone renders the competition obsolete. Although he’s been in the industry just a short time, the beauty and sophistication he brings to the models and clients he has styled as well as products he has personally modeled prove him to be a leader in his field.
Tristan’s mission is to help everyone see the different sides of fashion and to take risk. He is there to walk you through the taking of those risks and to find the beauty in styles you may not have otherwise tried, but will look dazzling on you. Everyone deserves to feel this stunning!
Since his first styling appearance at the “Eye on Fashion” styling competition in 2014, Tristan has come a long way. He serves as the official stylist for Jacqueline Hutcherson’s Tan True collection, a high end swimwear line. Tristan has also provided styling for Swim Week 2014, Emal Magazine, Eyes on Fashion, etc.
“When a customer works with me they know I can help them to revamp their style or find a way to maximize their current wardrobe. It can feel overwhelming putting outfits together for work, meetings, local events, traveling etc… and that is where I come in. I assist with creating looks as well as giving tips on how to shop for what works well together. Working with me will make your everyday look feel and appear more fashionable and stylish. Your personality is what wins people over, but you have to have the appearance to match.” –Tristan Richards
Tristan has always had a knack for clothes, although admittedly he’s mostly been attracted to shoes. When modeling Tristan loves wearing different clothes for photo shoots and fashion shows. Thanks to his time modeling on runways and in fashion shoots he has gained real world experience that no fashion school could teach. Tristan has learned about how each piece of clothing can express your mood for the day. Fashion is such a great way to express your feelings and emotions without saying a single word and when you work with Tristan you too get to learn the best ways to express how you feel and share them with the world.
Whether you need editorial styling, video/commercial styling, wardrobe styling for film or television, show styling or even personal shopping help, Tristan Richards can help. For a full list of all the services offered by Tristan Richards Styles click here.
Tristan has lived in fashion hot spots California and New York, traveled extensively both nationally and internationally.
Want to know even more about Tristan Richards Styles and what he and his company can do for you? Contact him here today, to set up a consultation!
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